Can't Get Overr You

i can’t believe that i am here
that i walked this far
i used to live right next to you
but now, i really miss your morning greeting
i miss you brighten up all my day
listen, thinking of you is easy for me
but the fact is, i miss you so bad
every night i cried for you in silence
and that’s hurting me so much
i feel so empty
feel so wrong
i don’t know how to breath,
when you are my source of life
i lost the place that i can lay my head
i can’t get over you
can’t get over you…
do you know how to fix a broken heart ?
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All Alone

i go to everywhere i want
i do what i love to do
no one can stop me
cos no one belongs to me
and i don’t belongs to anyone
sun’s down
and stars’ up
i sit all alone
feel all alone
tears runs out
and i can’t bear this anymore
i am too weak to stand alone
i am too sore to sweep away my pain
i am alone
and need someone to carry out my suffering
and bring in happiness to my life
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I miss U...

for my source of happy, my source of energy, my source of my world. (you means a lot)
i walk down the crowded street,
nobody notice me.
but yeah, i like that anyway.
coz I’ve been thinking of you.
years and years has past away,
but you still alive in my every way.
i remember when i was sitting alone,
waiting for you to came out from your room.
that was boring, but i would do anything just to see you in a distance.
i remember when you made me cry,
you didn’t know, and i didn’t want you to know it.
i remember when i realize how much i love you.
and it was too much i think, too much.
i remember when i scream i hated you,
but deep down inside i still loving you.
if only things going so right that time,
this world would be ours.
if only i could write my own story, and it’s just for me and you.
i think we could make a great history.
i won’t say you’re nothing,
you’re every wish, you’re every dream, you’re every hope, you’re everything.
times and times you hurt me,
once again, you didn’t know it. and i didn’t want you to know it.
once i see you smiling, i can feel my wound ease off.
and i still remember how my body trembled,
when i said “i love you…”
and i remember you lost your words to answer my sentences.
and i was just stay like a statue.
i think i was wrong.
but no, i wasn’t wrong. because it’s meant a lot to me.
i was free, and i am free.
i let you flew, and i let myself flew too.
and now, i close my eyes.
and i remember you in every inches you are.
every silhouette, and every move.
this crowd make me feel so damn silent and so damn empty,
i don’t know why.
and i realize, I’ve missed you so much.
where are you?
because i miss you re energize me…
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Bcoz We R Best Friend

i don’t know you till i met you
i don’t know we could be so best friend
we laughed
we cried
and we cheat together
remember when we used to fool around together?
that’s my favorite
laughing until we cry
and i still want to be your shoulder to cry on
when love disappointed you
when you feel down and thought you’re so hopeless
i still want to hear your story until dawn
still want to see you with your pajamas
and your hair look so messy
maybe space would separate us
maybe time would ticking so fast
but our heart is bounding together
no one can break us
because we have one heart
and one mind
that will unite us
even when planets collide
even when ocean is spatter
i will always keep you in my heart
because we are bestfriend

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Here We Are...

here we are
at the same cafe
at the same corner
and at the same time
talk about nothing
and dreaming
you told me that one day
we’re gonna build our own cafe
with our high school photograph hanging on the wall
then you told me you wanna own hotel
with a great design interior inside
you said you want three children with a great husband
then you want to go to Maldives, have your sweet honey moon
dreaming about you become doctor, an awesome doctor
and i imagine how i become a director
having my own production house
and when weekend night coming
and i have no time to go out from my office
you’ll just come by and bring me our favorite sushi
oh that’s our dreams
i think we’re gonna make a great history
a big story
and legendary
we make a perfect team
chasing down our dream
we should get it
because we are one
and here we are
at the same cafe
at the same corner
at the same time
seeing our children playing
talk about nothing
and dreaming
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