can someone tell me why?
he’s not here with me
how could this be?
I’m all alone
don’t go far away
and another day is gone
still i don’t know what to do
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Mute my Heart

i am mad
and sad
i still want to close with him
still want to share my day with him
share my laughs and tears with him
no more time
mine is finished already
i think i should mute my heart
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people asking why i hold on
why i survive
when i know i should pack up all the past
you are my inception
and at the same time you are my conclusion
i know, i really know i can’t bare it all by myself
but for you, i’ll give myself a try
they don’t see what i see in you
something deep and so magnetize
make me so mesmerized
i step with my head held high
they don’t know how i feel inside
and you won’t hear what people said about us
cos we’re not like what people thought we are
and my endless question
i will end it up
no more curiosity
there’s just certainty
you’ll here forever
here deep in my heart
you’re so indubitably
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Love is Not Owning

maybe i forgot all the words that you said
or maybe i forgot any event that we experienced
but what i feel about you,
is the thing that i will never forget
i’m sure that love can’t be forgotten
but it only can be ignored long enough,
until ignoring become routine
cos love is not owning,
so i can let you go
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Cos You Are...

actually, it’s not about who you are.
not about what status you’re bearing.
it’s not how many times we spend that matters.
it’s you and I in a time that matters.
I don’t care what people say.
cos they don’t understand what connection is between us.
I don’t really pay attention for what you wearing.
what job you do.
what things you like.
but I do really pay attention to your soul.
cos in there, I lay all my hearts, all my thoughts and all my secret which can not be written.
cos you are my best diary I ever had.
best movie collection I ever watched.
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Too Fool To Be In Love With You

your picture on a frame
your clothes on a floor
and your musk perfume still remain
it’s quarter after two
maybe it’s true
nothing last forever
love has fooled me
or am i too fool to be in love with you
that footsteps you left
makes me feeling so blue
why i am here
still waiting for you
still wanting you
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May Be..

it never be easy to see you walk away
I’m not regretting that you leave me
but i blame myself why i didn’t hold you back
i really don’t know how to survive
maybe it’s time for me to learn
maybe this is our destiny
maybe this what people called sacrifice
maybe i should let you go
miles and miles i walked
just to forgetting you
hours and hours i spent
just to crying for you
your memories still remain in my chest
every corner in this town remind me of you
letting you wasn’t that easy
but if it what make you free, let it be
and maybe, this is what I called faithful
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